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The complete guide to memory and dementia care throughout the Regional Municipality of Hamilton

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Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia, with no known cure. It robs sufferers of normal cognitive functioning and memory. For those with family members suffering from Alzheimer’s, there is no better course of action advisable than treatment and care by professional Alzheimer's care providers in up-to-date facilities and an excellent environment, like that provided by homes. 


Memory care in the Regional Municipality of Hamilton

The Village of Wentworth Heights  

1620 Upper Wentworth St., Hamilton, Ontario, L9B 2W3

The Village of Wentworth Heights is a full-service retirement living community offering retirement apartments, full-service suites, assisted living and memory care.

Lifestyle Options: Apartments, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care

Amica Stoney Creek  

135 King St. E, Stoney Creek, Ontario, L8G 0B2

Amica Stoney Creek celebrates its rich heritage on the site of Stoney Creek Dairy, a local treasure from 1929 to 2012. Stroll to shops, pubs, or Olde Town Stoney Creek, or take a trip to nearby Hamilton or Niagara.

Lifestyle Options: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care

Parkland Ancaster  

558 Golf Links Rd., Hamilton, Ontario, L9G 4W9

At Parkland Ancaster, we will offer a luxurious, vibrant, social lifestyle in a beautiful safe, premium home. Enjoy upscale amenities, creating a supportive space for you to thrive socially and lead fulfilling lives.

Lifestyle Options: Apartments, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care

Alzheimer’s treatment at home, in the city of Hamilton

Home Care Hamilton

There are many advantages to home care in Hamilton. The most obvious is comfort as the patient is able to stay in a familiar environment. Home care in Hamilton is made possible by a variety of agencies offering a range of services including palliative care, meal preparation, traumatic injury care, physiotherapy, accompanied visits, and home maintenance services. These can all be arranged at the patient’s convenience, allowing them to receive necessary support while retaining their independence. Many seniors find home care in Hamilton or elsewhere allows them to age gracefully and with dignity.

Adult Day Programs

There are a variety adult day programs for Alzheimer’s patients in the Hamilton area. These programs range in scope, some provide meals and personal care while others are more social in nature. All of them are structured environments designed to support dementia patients physically or emotionally. They all fall under the spectrum of memory care, though are not necessarily affiliated with Alzheimer’s care homes or long term care Hamilton facilities. In many cases patients at these programs live at home and also take advantage of some type of homecare service though it is possible to attend these programs while living in one of Hamilton’s retirement homes.

Alzheimer's care in Hamilton retirement homes

Alzheimer’s care homes are often part of existing Hamilton retirement homes and long term care facilities. Alzheimer’s patients move into a specialized area that provides nursing, personal care, and a social environment conducive to their illness. Hamilton retirement homes integrate memory care into their long term care programs by moving patients to the dedicated Alzheimer’s or memory care area only when they can no longer function without specialized attention. These memory care areas or dedicated Alzheimer’s care homes have specially trained staff to better serve dementia patients. If you are seeking care for someone with a form of dementia less common than ALzheimer's, treatment at any of these places may not be different but learn more in our fuller look at dementia care facilities and care offered there. 

Long term care in Hamilton can include both home care and Hamilton retirement homes, though for dementia an Alzheimer’s care home is the most comprehensive option. These facilities will provide all the services of a regular Hamilton retirement home in addition to specialized memory care that can be very beneficial to Alzheimer’s patients. These are sometimes still referred to as Hamilton nursing homes, but the health care industry no longer uses that phrase.

These fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The Ministry is the governing authority of long-term care homes and is focused on "building a sustainable public health care system in Ontario." The 24-hour nursing care in these homes, along with the dedicated support offers family relief from the stress of caregiving.

The cost of Alzheimer’s care in Hamilton: a survey

Memory care in Hamilton ranges depending on the services, amenities and age of the retirement community. The average cost of a private studio retirement community offering alzheimer's care in Hamilton is $2,500 per month. Costs increase to $3,500 for a one bedroom retirement suite and $4,500 per month for a two-bedroom Alzheimer’s retirement home. See costs of retirement in Ontario.  For families considering moving into a retirement home vs bringing agency or home care into an existing home, this case study will help you understand which option will suit you best. 

Choosing an Alzheimer’s care home

There are many factors that can influence a perspective patient when choosing an Alzheimer’s care home. Some seniors want to stay near in their old neighbourhood while others are more concerned with amenities in the home or how close it is to family members. The patient could already be in some form of retirement home or long term care, simplifying their options. Here are some common questions people ask themselves when considering Alzheimer’s care homes.

Take Comfort: Brampton retirement home reviews
Read Hamilton retirement home reviews before you commit to any Hamilton-Wentworth memory care facility. 


Before Deciding To Move:

  1. Is your loved one comfortable staying active on your own but struggle occasionally with housework or cooking?
  2. Do they feel lonely and miss interacting with people their own age?
  3. Are they okay the majority of the time but suffer from occasional issues with memory?
  4. Is it becoming difficult for them to meet their personal care needs?

When Choosing An Alzheimer’s Care Home:

  1. Make sure the home meets any specific medical needs
  2. Does your loved one have any friends/relatives in the area or already living in the home?
  3. Do they get along with the facility’s medical/recreation staff? Can you see them living and thriving in the environment?

Since a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease is terminal, caregivers might holistically plan ahead and consider homes that have both memory care and palliative care. For families of those who have been diagnosed, the Local Health Integration Network backs annual respite care stays that help alleviate caregiver strain; stays can last as long as 60 days at a time, and you can use up to 90 days per year. Consult the Hamilton LHIN to learn more:

Medical services at Hamilton Alzheimer’s care homes

Most Alzheimer’s care homes in Hamilton will either have a doctor onsite or one who makes frequent visits and is always reachable in the event of an emergency. This is actually common to all Hamilton retirement homes though dedicated Alzheimer’s facilities tend to have relationships with memory care specialists. The vast majority of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory care facilities will have round the clock nursing and supervision.

Most homes do not have pharmacies on site, though memory care patients typically do not fill their own prescriptions and facilities have no issues managing patient’s medications. The majority of Alzheimer’s care homes also offer exercise classes or programs like physiotherapy and aerobics that are sometimes considered medical. Nowadays, Alzheimer’s care homes take great care in their resident’s nutrition and will sometimes design dietary plans for individual patients. Games and events designed to stimulate memory or brain function are common at all memory care facilities and can technically be considered part of treatment or long term care.

Safety and security at Hamilton Alzheimer’s care homes

Memory care patients' tendency to wander off and increased proclivity towards accidental injury require that all Alzheimer’s care homes are equipped with 24 hour surveillance. Check in procedures, locking certain areas, and literal monitoring occur to ensure resident’s safety. Each Alzheimer’s care home has their own procedures though some type of surveillance system is standard at all memory care intuitions. An emergency call button in resident’s private rooms is also very common at long term care homes in Hamilton.

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