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Reviews of Chartwell Oakville Retirement Residence

Gain exclusive insight into life at Chartwell Oakville Retirement Residence. Comfort Life’s reviews give you exclusive insider information.

Our perspective

Chartwell Oakville Retirement Residence is an ultra-modern retirement residence, facing onto expansive parkland in upscale Oakville, near bountiful local shopping that includes restaurants, shops, grocery stores, banks, and other retailers. It’s a wonderful instance of five-star senior living from a company that knows how to make a strong impression from first to last. Step into the door and you're greeted with a soaring, expansive main floor lounge. Features like that impress, but Chartwell Oakville also offers families and seniors much deeper value than that.

This building’s wonderfully contemporary construction is still new. (We love the stonework in the lounge areas.) Spaciousness is a hallmark of all the rooms and amenities here. That includes the pub/bistro, the billiards and games room, the exercise room, the dining lounge, and more. Everything about the building is open concept and top end. The wood and glass doors between the rooms are another touch of elegance. It rightfully boasts that suites here are the largest in the city. They are impressive, suitably tastefully furnished. It makes a wonderful private place to be when you’re not taking part in the many activities.

Staff works with residents to build a lively, friendly community. When you watch them interacting with seniors, it’s obvious that they enjoy what they’re doing. This joy carries over into excellent care and pleasant service for those in their care. Seniors here are engaged and comfortable. Happiness and contentment might seem like overused words, but they should never be taken for granted, perhaps especially as you age. They’re apparent in residents at Chartwell Oakville.

It’s nice. It’s luxurious. When you’re surrounded by elegance like the building and amenities here you can’t help but feel great. And when people feel good, they share that with others, creating a happy, helpful community that feels like home—a wonderful home.

More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Catherine Mulvale, family member

My Mom moved into a beautiful and bright one bedroom suite as an able bodied 86-year-old nearly four years ago. As time went by, she developed vascular dementia that impacted her cognitive and physical abilities. As she required more care, the staff -- from the nurses to the cleaners, from the program coordinators to the CEO -- at Chartwell Oakville adjusted their interactions to match her needs -- they were ALL fabulous at every stage. We always felt she was safe and happy. We were so thankful for the space, team and care.

F&S Tiraborrelli, family member

Mum moved this month to Chartwell Oakville Residence. I cannot say enough about the excellent welcome from staff to help with mum’s transition. First night, we had dinner with mum and the selection and quality of the meals were exceptional. On move in, the unit was spotless and in perfect condition. Especially want to thank Helen and Karrie for guiding us through this emotional move as a family. 10/10 on the entire journey and mum is looking forward to her new home, making new friends and enjoying the countless activities listed each day in the calendar. The balcony was a bonus for mum.

Marcia Jones, family member

My Mum moved in as a permanent resident last week after being on a respite earlier in the year. Her welcome 'back' was incredible; knowing her interests they already had Mum signed up for outings, organised her daily routine and ensured everything was as she liked it! The staff are so helpful and friendly. They made the move super easy.
I've met several of the other residents, Mum's friends, and they are all cheerful. This is a place everyone is included.

George Badame, senior

I was delighted to attend a Real Estate and Finance seminar organized at Chartwell Oakville Retirement Residence. It was an educational seminar that talked about relevant information for me making decisions at this stage of my life. We had a great tour of the residence, viewing various suite choices, all very big, bright and airy. The atmosphere at Chartwell Oakville was very welcoming. Kerri our consultant was attentive and I was impressed that Kerri would greet all the residents in such a personal and endearing way. When it comes time to make my decision Chartwell Oakville will be at the top of my list!

Parry Lawrence, family member

My family has visited multiple Retirement homes in the Oakville area. I have to say that this home was the cleanest and most organized home out of the bunch. We had a tour of the facility and were very impressed with not only the staff, but also after having conversations with the other residents. They were very happy living there. Although mom and dad are not ready to move we now know where to go when they are.

George Webster, resident

I moved in a couple of months ago. Chartwell Oakville compared well to the other possibilities in this area and their pricing is quite competitive. The staff work hard to meet our needs and they do a good job. Sarah, who manages the program, and Paul, who maintains the facility, do exceptional work.

Kay Uchida, senior

Going to Chartwell for two weeks for respite care after my total hip replacement was the best decision that I could have made. All staff members were friendly and attended to our need for assistance or requests immediately. Meals were delicious.

Rina D'Amico, family member

My father has been living at Chartwell for 2 years. He looks forward to his daily exercise class and movie night, regular events that were organized by Izabela, the Lifestyles and Programs Manager. She makes a point of inviting him to events that she feels he would enjoy. It is evident that she tries to include everyone and designs activities to suit different needs.

Kim Manos, senior

I recently had my hip replaced and decided a respite at Chartwell would be a great stay for a couple weeks. Words can not describe my experience. I met Kerri and Cynthia General managers. When Kerri showed me the room I would be in I couldn't believe it. The rooms was huge separate bedroom living room everything was spotless. Suki Daniel and Joanne the nurse were all so helpful and kind. The food was fantastic especially the home made soups staying at Chartwell was like staying at a five star hotel and when I found out the price including 3 meals a day I was shocked at how reasonable it was. I would highly recommend Chartwell to anyone either permanent or as a Respite everyone was so professional kind regards Kim

Betty Middlebro, family member

My mother visited 4 seniors’ residences before deciding on Chartwell Oakville and she has been delighted with her choice ever since. She moved in almost 2 years ago and has nothing but praise for the staff and volunteers of this residence.

I visit at least weekly and my interactions with staff have always been positive and pleasant. I notice the staff always greet residents with a big smile and kind words. The social director does a marvellous job of finding ways to keep the residents engaged and entertained. Even during the toughest Covid times, there were activities to get involved in, although on one’s own, i.e. a bingo game sheet available with numbers posted once a day. When entertainment wasn’t allowed to come in, various videos were shown in the theatre, to small groups at a time, to keep folk entertained. Hallway visits happened with beverages and treats when groups couldn’t get together.

I have dined with my mother numerous times and the experiences have always been delightful. The staff are polite, the service is great and the food that I have tasted has been delicious, especially the soup!

The residence itself is beautiful, well maintained and very comfortable. I can’t imagine my mother living anywhere else.

Joan Hall, resident

The staff has ensured our safety during Covid, and also kept us all informed of changes in the Ontario government protocols. They provide upbeat attitudes and attempt to keep us all in a healthy state of mind during this Covid isolation. I must of course mention the fabulous food our chef Ken creates daily, and always provides a great variety with alternates if something is not our preference. We are so glad we moved here among other folks, rather than living alone in our previous apartment.

Janice Bisson, family member

Chartwell Oakville has kept the residents safe and the home has been 100% free from Covid. My Mom requires extra care and and I am pleased with the gentle and comforting way they take care of her. When we can not see her due to lock down, they have arranged zoom calls. They are showing Catholic Mass in the theatre on Sunday's, for those who wish to attend. And who miss going out to Church. It has been lovey for my Mom. In this scary time, Chartwell has done what many others have not, kept a Covid free, safe home for their residents.

Catherine Mulvale, family member

We moved my Mom into a one bedroom suite. She is very happy in her new space. We feel she is safe and comfortable and are so thankful for the space and care.

Brett McAdams, family member

Very thankful for the amazing support from the staff at Chartwell. They have assisted with a very difficult transition for my mother, going over and above the call to make sure she is safe, comfortable, and well cared for. I highly recommend Chartwell if you want to feel like you are staying at a five-star hotel!! Special thanks to Lindsay and Candida for all of their efforts to accommodate some difficult issues, all of the staff at Chartwell have been tremendous.

Joseph Iannicelli, family member

My Mom has experienced exceptional care from everyone at Chartwell Oakville. Her first language is not English, but somehow the staff always knows what she wants and needs! Ms. Azevedo, the General Manager, is always available to assist in any way she can. Claudia, the Lifestyle and Programs Manager is also amazing. I have peace of mind knowing that she is well cared for, especially during this time of stress.

Chris Skirrow, family member

In the light of the Covid pandemic and the general concerns about care for the elderly I am very happy that my mother is at Chartwell in Oakville (Oak Park Blvd). Under normal circumstances the level of caring and organization is high and it’s a great community to be part of. The staff and management are friendly and efficient and even when the odd problem crops up it is dealt with effectively and with the best interest of the residents at heart. However, these are not normal times and the situation has been hard to deal with for everyone. Throughout the pandemic I have been very happy with the approach taken by staff and management. Kudos to everyone. Everyone has been focussed on the safety and well-being of the residents. The proactive approach to managing the risks and the level of communication to family have both been outstanding. We are very grateful for all the actions taken over the last few months to keep our parents safe.

Helena Thompson, family member

Very appreciative of the wonderful care that my Mother (Winnie) has received from all the staff at Chartwell Oakville. It gives us a piece of mind knowing that you are all going above and beyond to keep all the residences safe. With heartfelt thanks from a grateful family. Special thanks to Claudia, Maia and Denise for always being there and helping with special requests. Keep up the great work - my Mom speaks highly of you daily.

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