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Reviews of Palermo Village - Verve Senior Living

Gain exclusive insight into life at Palermo Village - Verve Senior Living. Comfort Life’s exclusive reviews and videos give you insider information from residents and their families.

Our perspective

The phrase "reasonable cost" might be heard rarely when it comes to living anywhere in the city of Oakville—but the value you receive in senior care at Palermo Village means the phrase applies! Then again, truly compassionate treatment and a . The Village is widely praised for the way staff treats residents. "Friendly" and "helpful" are terms used as a matter of course by family members, when describing the staff here. There's nothing better than hearing that your senior loved one loves where they live.

Modern interiors and in-house features are great to have in a retirement home, of course. But what you're really looking for is the feeling of welcome, caring people around you and a hundred other little things that make your new place into a real home. That's what seniors in community at Palermo Village cite as the big difference between this and some other places in the area. A welcoming, comforting, loving atmosphere is not something you can view in a brochure or on a website—it simply needs to be experienced.

The comforting atmosphere is added to by the setting, the building itself. There's a theme of brightness and vivacity in the layout. That translates into an easy transition for many of the people who choose Palermo—and into confidence by family members, knowing that their loved one has found a great new home they'll soon love.

Video interviews

We interviewed families and/or residents via video conference, asking them probing questions about life at Palermo Village - Verve Senior Living. Get the behind-the-scenes information from those with direct experience.

Patty Harris, daughter of resident

Watch our interview with Patty Harris to learn about the unique experience offered by Palermo Village.


More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

R. A., senior

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit Palermo to explore its luxurious amenities and services that have been highly recommended. Palermo Village Retirement Residence offers state-of-the-art services for its residents and staff and has a sense of community among everyone who is a part of this retirement community. The residents are genuinely well taken care of and I can see that they are comfortable and happy to be living in such a high quality of life.

The dining area is impeccable for its hygienic and classy dining experience, not to mention the scrumptious food by their culinary chef!

There is a lot of love and warmth throughout the community and a sense of belonging and safety. All the rooms, regardless of staff room or executive rooms, are very immaculate and tastefully decorated to feel a sense of homely comfort and I wouldn’t batter an eyelid to highly recommend Palermo to my friends and their families either. I must say, that Sandra, the General Manager, has excelled in keeping the Palermo Retirement community what it is today.

Lesley Dakins, senior

I went for 2 weeks respite. They were amazing! Everyone was so welcoming and by the first day everyone new my name! The meals were delicious. If you didn't want what was on the menu they brought you what you wanted. The rooms were clean and fresh! I can not say enough good things about Palermo. I highly recommend this retirement home.

George Fisher, senior

Palermo Retirement Community is a five-star haven where residents are cherished, and a sense of community thrives. With excellent facilities, dedicated staff, and a serene atmosphere, it offers a warm and welcoming environment. I recently visited with my son and was blown away by the love and care shown towards the elders — I highly recommend it for its exemplary compassion and empathy!

Palermo Retirement Community excels in its maintenance and design. The culinary offerings are also exceptional, with Chef Lillian's creations providing a delightful dining experience. Its true strength lies in the exceptional care provided by the staffs, who prioritize residents' well-being that makes them feel valued and seen.

I believe that Palermo Retirement Community excels due to the leadership of General Manager Sandra. I would say that it’s a place where love, care, and efficiency combine to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With exceptional amenities and a focus on residents' well-being, it's a five-star haven that leaves a lasting impression. I'll definitely return because Palermo has captured my heart.

Dulce Karmina Lim, senior

I stayed at Palermo Retirement Community in December. I love that even though they offer various care services, they also provide respite care, which was exactly what I needed during my weekend stay: from Friday night to Monday morning.

Palermo Retirement Community stands as a quintessential five-star oasis of care and joy, making an enduring impression on both residents and visitors alike. The sprawling premises, meticulously maintained with precision, offer residents not just a place to live but a serene environment where they can relish the tranquility of their surroundings. The sheer size of Palermo creates a sense of freedom and space, providing a backdrop for a truly enriching retirement experience.

What sets Palermo apart is the palpable warmth and joy that radiate from both the dedicated staff and the vibrant community of residents. It's evident that this is more than just a retirement facility; it's a community built on a foundation of genuine compassion and empathy. The staff, under the leadership of General Manager Sandra, exemplifies a level of commitment to personalized care that goes beyond the ordinary. From the caregivers to the life and enrichment team led by Frankie, there is a collective effort to ensure that each resident feels not only cared for but truly valued.

The facility's design and upkeep are commendable, creating an inviting ambiance that comes alive during special occasions and festivities. Palermo Retirement Community is not just a place to live; it's a home where every detail is considered to enhance the residents' quality of life. Chef Lillian's culinary expertise adds another layer of luxury to the experience, turning every meal into a delightful journey for the taste buds. The dining experience at Palermo is, without a doubt, a highlight, offering a world-class standard that caters to the diverse preferences of its discerning residents.

Beyond the exceptional care and inviting ambiance, Palermo offers a diverse range of activities that cater to the varied interests of its residents. From a well-stocked library that fosters intellectual engagement to a spa and hair salon that promotes self-care, the community ensures there is something for everyone. The attention to detail in providing a comprehensive range of activities speaks volumes about the commitment to fostering a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle for the residents.

In conclusion, Palermo Retirement Community, under the commendable management of Sandra and her dedicated team, transcends the traditional notion of a retirement residence. It is more than just a place to reside; it's a haven of happiness where love, care, and efficiency converge to create a truly homely atmosphere. Palermo stands as a shining example of what a retirement community should be—a place where residents not only live but thrive in an environment filled with joy, warmth, and a genuine sense of community.

Catherine Green, family member

A big shout out to Palermo Village to Preet and the team at Palermo for your kindness and caring nature. Mom spent two weeks at the center for respite care. She came home so happy today commenting on how lovely the residents are and how helpful the staff is. And the chefs must be amazing because no complaints about the food. She said that the food was delicious. It was her 1st experience away from home and she wants to go back the next time my husband and I go away. She made friends and was happy.

Mark Preston, family member

My Mom had hip surgery and went to Palermo for respite care. We were both extremely happy with the overall experience! The food was amazing and the staff there were very responsive to her needs. I felt a great deal of comfort knowing that she could call on the staff any time of the day or night . The building is very inviting and I would definitely recommend to friends.

Jacqueline Adhithya, family member

I visited my grandparents at Palermo, and I was amazed at how wonderful the home looked. It was more like a 5-star hotel than a retirement home. Everyone from the general manager to the receptionist was friendly and helpful. I am so happy that my grandparents are surrounded by such nice people. I definitely recommend this for your loved ones

Caroline Kleine Hermelink, family member

Due to an unfortunate situation last December, I had to make the decision to move my 93 years old Mom to Ontario from Quebec. Needless to say, this wasn't easy to do after leaving her hometown and own home.
Fortunately, my Daughter and I discovered Palermo Village Retirement Residence in Oakville, ON. We were greeted by Linda and from the fist hello, we knew this was going to be a really good fit for Mom. Linda encouraged us to come by anytime and ask questions. We were also introduced to other Team members which were absolutely wonderful.
We moved Mom in May 2023 and although Mom had not even visited the location prior to moving in, the transition went fairly well. The transition was better than what we all expected. She met some lovely Ladies, (her friends now) and is very happy at Palermo.
Palermo made us feel very welcome from the beginning and has demonstrated nothing but care, concern, and cooperation consistently. The staff goes far beyond their own responsibilities to ensure that our family members are very well taken care] of. The meals are very well balanced and our family members could still keep their indépendance by selecting which meal they prefer. Rest assured, they will never be disappointed! The Residence also offers a wide selection of activities/entertainment daily and 7 days a week!. Something for everyone!
All this to say that Mom is very happy to be living at Palermo Residence and the care provided is exceptional, the facility itself is outstanding & very clean and provides a comfortable and safe environment.

Domenic Gaudio, family member

Wonderful retirement home with friendly and helpful staff, good food and activities. My mom really enjoys living there.

Kim Jonak, family member

Palermo Village has been a wonderful place for my mom. Mom has early stage Alzheimers and the care they give her makes me worry less. Mom has come to think of it as home. She has always been shy and a little anti-social but the staff have changed all that. Dianne, the office manager, is incredibly nice, kind and extremely helpful. Arielle always has fun things planned for the residents.

Rawle Akow, family member

My Mom stayed at Palermo Village for a 2 week Respite stay. Well let's say she was reluctant to go however by Day 2 she was loving every moment. She couldn't believe how much she loved being at Palermo. She made friends and enjoyed dining with them and participating in a variety of activities. Everything was excellent from the ease of setting everything up to move in day and beyond. Linda and her team welcomed her like family and were there to answer my many questions giving me peace of mind as I traveled. Richard in the dining room was always attentive and introduced her to her dining companions.

Jen Salama, family member

I reached out to set up a tour at Palermo and received a response promptly from Prit. We met Prit as we walked in and were instantly impressed by his professionalism, but also casual nature that really connected with my parents. We sat down in the beautiful bistro to talk about all of the amenities and Prit was wonderful. After offering us lunch, we began to discuss the lifestyle at Palermo. He was very informative and easy to talk to. My parents loved his demeanor. We toured a few suites and were very impressed by the quality and size of the apartments.

Jeff Barwell, family member

Big thank you to all the Palermo staff for the support you gave our mother. Our Mom required extra attention and we were very pleased with the gentle and comforting way the staff took care of our mom. Palermo also offered mom companionship and togetherness. Most times when we dropped in, we found mom was involved in friendly conversation with the many residents. Palermo also offered many activities to fill mom's days, from small outings, to movies and bingo nights. She really did enjoy those extras. Most of all, Palermo offered mom a safe home and peace of mind for us.

Debi Coburn, family member

Palermo Village is wonderful - no other way to put it. My dad loved his big windows, and spent much time out on his balcony. All of the staff are so friendly and kind, especially when Dad's health took a downward turn - they provided him with all the compassion and care of a family member. The COVID response was amazing - so safe, and even when the residents were unable to visit with others, the staff kept them connected and engaged.

The size of Palermo Village is perfect - big enough for amenities, and small enough that everyone knows each other - a real home.

I cannot recommend Palermo Village enough - if you are looking for a new, carefree home - this is it!

Steve Allen, family member

My Mum and Dad moved into Palermo in March, 2020, just as Covid started. They felt comfortable and welcomed from the very first day. When my Dad passed away a few months later my Mum moved out of Palermo to live with family. When she felt comfortable being on her own again, she chose to return to Palermo. Although we visited several other retirement homes Palermo came out on top. It is a safe, comfortable and caring place.

Lillian Sciara, family member

My parents moved into Palermo when the facility was brand new. There was only one other man and one lady already moved in, so they were the second. Once they settled in, their quality of life improved so much. Their two bedroom suite was large and bright and the building was lovely. They soon started enjoying going down to the dining room for meals and in the mornings, my dad enjoyed tidying up after breakfast.

My dad became ill a year after moving in and everyone at Palermo was so kind and helpful throughout this very difficult time. I don't know what I would have done without their support. Thereafter, my mother moved over to a one-bedroom plus den and lived there happily and secure in her surroundings. She was so proud of her suite in the residence.

I can't say enough about the comfort and help the staff at Palermo was to me for the duration of my parents lives at this residence. I would highly recommend it to anyone whose parents are ready to leave the stress of daily life and simply enjoy each day as it unfolds.

Finally, a closing point I think is important. Palermo is a medium-sized facility and as such, gives residents the opportunity to get to know one-another. Some of the residences are so huge they require multiple dining areas and when they get too big, they lose that closeness between residents and staff. It really is the ideal size to feel like a real neighborhood and it has an ambiance that you can feel as soon as you come in the door.

Lyn Patterson, family member

My mother and father resided at Palermo Village Retirement residence and were overjoyed with the openness of their unit, especially the large windows and balcony.

All staff were extremely friendly, especially Aimee and Mylene, along with the nursing staff who were consistently professional, caring and compassionate with my parents (A big thank you to Rhincess for coordinating the required nursing care) Kudos to all nursing staff / PSW's for keeping everyone safe during Covid.
They both enjoyed the delicious meals in the dining room, noting on a regular basis how much they loved the food.

The cleanliness is apparent from the moment you walk into the front lobby, around the hallway to the elevators and up to the apartment. The attention to detail is obvious everywhere you look.

Unfortunately my mother passed and we had to place my father into a Long Term Care facility.

My sister and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Palermo Village Retirement Residence for providing a superior living experience for both our parents.

Vesna Amato, family member

It became very apparent when we moved my mother to Palermo Retirement Village that a distinctive characteristic of life at this residence is the sense of happiness and harmony that is felt throughout the home. We took great comfort in knowing that our mother was surrounded by people willing to go out of their way to make every day the best it can be for her in a clean and healthy environment.

Palermo's response to the COVID19 pandemic has been exceptional. Even when they had to enforce strict guidelines regarding social distancing, we still felt there was a rich sense of community at this retirement home.

The staff are genuinely friendly and deserve praise for their compassionate treatment of each resident. What's clearly noticeable is how care is enhanced with kind-heartedness and a personal touch from all employees – including dining & kitchen staff, personnel support workers, nurses, maintenance, administrative and management. It is very apparent that staff love working here, and seniors love living

Rosebir Kaur Bath, family member

My aunt lives at Palermo & we all love it! The staff are so nice & go the extra mile to make sure it is a truly amazing experience for the residents.

Ava V, resident

One thing I love about Palermo is the ambience of the place. The staff is always friendly! I've never been more pleased with a retirement residence. They attend to their patience with genuine love and support. I would recommend Palermo to all my friends and family. I'd also like to mention how great the food is

Arjun Bath, family member

The best retirement residence there is.... my nonna loves it here! Our family recommends Palermo to everyone.... no one can beat their customer service. Absolutely amazing!

Mary Barry , resident

From the first day I walked through the front door at Palermo I had a wonderful feeling about the place. Very homey and friendly and oh so comfortable.
Now after 4 years living here I must say those feelings still persist. The staff cannot be beat——always ready to be of help and a great sense of humour. Making a person feel like part of the family. Having a wonderful property to enjoy and walk around——-giving that feeling of being in the country, certainly adds to its uniqueness .

Carol, family member

My father has been [here] for 6 months and could not be happier. It's a beautiful facility with so many activities for the residents and great food as well. The staff are incredible and I have peace of mind knowing that he is well looked after.

Jacquie, family member

Staff are so sweet and caring. I feel at ease knowing they sincerely care about my Mom. [I completely] recommend Palermo Village!>

Shirley, resident

I have been living here since early in 2015.
It is a wonderful place to live [with] so much to

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