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Gain exclusive insight into life at The Redwoods Retirement Residence. Comfort Life’s reviews give you exclusive insider information.

Our perspective

Ottawa offers few retirement options as stable as The Redwoods. Here, they rightly boasts about the value of staff retention and how happy people are working here. Residents appreciate the deep familiarity they have with people serving them. Staff readily remember names and personal preferences. And because serving staff, nursing staff, and personal support workers have often worked together for years, that also benefits the whole community.

A superbly well-appointed Ottawa retirement home located close to the 417 in West Ottawa. This is a lovely high-rise seniors' tower (17 floors) with great views from its balconies, and a variety of suite styles to select from. This residence still feels very new and clean throughout, but it's been established over ten years, and much of the staff has been here since it opened. People love the flexibility of living independently in your own apartment, as in any tower, combined with the option of sharing in dining or hiring care as needed.

The Redwoods offers care up to assisted living, with dressing, bathing and feeding included. The Ottawa Ikea is nearby, as are banks, churches and a variety of health care services. Kids from local schools drop in for day visits and interact with residents through activities like a reading buddy program. For all of the friendliness and great care, there are also a wealth of exciting amenities, including chef-prepared meals, a heated indoor saltwater pool, a wellness program, a pub, and more.

For seniors who have had a health scare, or who simply want to make housework a thing of the past, it's an excellent choice: a friendly community of peers in a building that's a safe, warm, and wonderful place to live. It's ideal for Ottawa-area seniors who want the best in life, living in community with other seniors, close to family in Kanata, Nepean or elsewhere in the west end of Ottawa.

More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Rosalie, resident

We are extremely happy to be in the Redwoods. The staff, food, and entertainment are all great. We are very glad to have moved here.

L. I., family member

My Mother recently came to The Redwoods for Respite care. The staff were wonderful, other residents friendly and kind and it was exactly what my Mom needed. It was such a positive experience we are looking at moving in permanently.

Joyce Matier, family member

My sister and her son travelled to Ottawa for one week and needed accommodation with support services. Her son has MS and is confined to a wheelchair. They fortunately accessed respite care at The Redwoods. The 2 bedroom apartment was very nice and spacious. The bathroom was not wheelchair accessible, however, the manager, April worked around this issue to accommodate his needs. My sister said that the PSW staff are "awesome" and were very helpful to both herself and her son in caring for him. They made him feel comfortable and he really liked them.

Jean Farrell, family member

My sister moved into The Redwoods in early April. Her apartment was very clean and a few things that we asked to be changed or fixed were all done. We have found the staff extremely friendly and very helpful. During the recent tornado in Ottawa when they were without power for several days, 3 meals a day were delivered to her and she even had choices. She is enjoying the weekly trips to Carlingwood shopping centre and has enjoyed a trip to see the tulips and a country drive to Almonte to a little restaurant for afternoon tea. She also took advantage of hearing the platforms of two of the major political parties speak in the lounge. I would highly recommend The Redwoods to anyone wishing to make a move to a retirement residence.

Pia Delfino, family member

When we were looking for a place to move my uncle I looked at various homes and I found the Redwoods to be excellent. The apartments are spacious which was so great because when you’re moving from your own home, it’s nice to have your own space rather then just a room. When we brought him to look at the apartments he was very impressed as well - this was especially nice as he really didn’t want to move at all.

The staff are wonderful and know the majority of residents by name A major concern was whether he would enjoy the food - well no concern there as he can’t believe how good the food is. He says he hasn’t had a bad meal. He’s also enjoys the movies they show on the main floor and the music entertainment... I would recommend The Redwoods to anyone. In fact when our time comes maybe we will move there.

Kcin D, family member

My Dad and Stepmom moved into the Redwoods Retirement Home in Oct 2021. Visited them , I will say very Happy with the way things are. The Covid lockdown (has been) hard on staff and retirees but they all seem to get along.

Alexsandra Stanko, family member

When my now 95 year old aunt decided to move to Ottawa she chose the Redwoods Retirement Residence. Her one bedroom apartment was set up by the time she moved in and she was delighted that it looks so much like her home, in a quiet, mostly residential area of Ottawa, close to many amenities . The fact that the Redwoods has doctors to consult was an added bonus. She is slowly integrating into residential living, has joined in several of the many activities offered daily, enjoys the meals and is grateful for the sense of security she feels, acknowledging that she could no longer live on her own. She has nothing but praise for the maintenance staff, the dining room staff and the personal care workers who are all attentive, respectful and ready to help, even in pandemic times. My interactions with the administrative staff have always been positive and I feel that April, Cameron and the others put the residents’ needs and interests above all else. No question or concern is ever too much for them and the response time to address any issue is impressive. My aunt is comfortable and safe and my worries have been allayed after talking with Cameron or April. All in all, these first three months have been very good for all of us.

Stacey Ross, family member

In November of 2021 we moved my 90 [year old] aunt into Redwoods Retirement Home. This was following about 2 years of planning with several visits to Redwoods and multiple conversations with their staff. April, the leasing manager was excellent. She was always helpful, patient with our multiple phone calls, emails and questions and very welcoming. Move in day proved that all of the other staff that we encountered - nursing, front desk, social committee, maintenance - were just as welcoming and attentive. It made a difficult transition for my Aunt much easier. Redwoods itself is lovely. The suites are large and bright with large windows and nice views. The lobby and social areas are well appointed with nice furniture and nicely decorated. My sisters and I decided we would like to live there! Overall, our experience with Redwoods was very positive and I would recommend anyone considering retirement living to visit.

Marcie Girouard, family member

My Mom moved into the Redwoods Retirement Home last year after living alone in an apartment. We were prompted to move by a short term illness, but Mom was also just tired of cooking for herself and feeling isolated due to COVID. She has nothing but praise for the staff and the management. Everyone seems to be friendly, caring, and well-trained and the place runs smoothly. She likes the fact that you can spend time on your own if you want to, but you never have to feel alone. There are a good variety of activities of all kinds, going on all day, to suit different tastes, and you can drop in or out without fuss. For our family, its been a great relief to know that Mom is well-looked after and very comfortable in her Redwoods apartment. She goes to a lot of the musical entertainment and exercise classes, and says she has hardly turned on the tv because she is off doing other things!!

Jeff, family member

My mother moved into the Redwoods in late August . Just wanted to say to all the management and staff at the Redwoods ...A big Thank You .
The management and staff are extremely friendly and go out of there way to make sure the residence needs are met and that they are comfortable within there surroundings .
There are many stories i could tell you on how they helped my mom get adjusted . They made the transition very easy for her .
Since being there , my mom has once again become very social and met many new friends . Lots of weekly activities and outings are being continuously planned. My mom is very happy.
I believe it is the management and staff that make the difference and would highly recommend the Redwoods residence to anybody considering moving their parents or loved ones . They will absolutely look after them and make sure the transition is as easy as possible .

David Giot, family member

I just want to say how my mom (Jean Giot) has transitioned from her home in Greely after over 50 years to Redwoods. Mom moved in to Redwoods on Saturday October 9th 2021, with her cat Rambo. Pleased to say both are doing very well.

Mom loves to chat and converse and she has been doing that after a couple of days. She is partaking in most activities and meeting several new friends. Each day I learn of all the wonderful things she has done or about to do. She loves the excursions on the bus and this has been an amazing journey for her.

Thanks to all the staff at Redwoods that make this experience so special. She is beaming with contentment and I tell this to people that I meet. .

Life is an adventure, and she has found hers. and Mary and I have found comfort and joy knowing she is doing so...

Lise, family member

My mother moved in to the Redwoods Retirement Residence in December of 2020 from Montreal to Ottawa. Being that it was right in the midst of covid I had no way of seeing the residence before she moved in other than through a facetime chat with April Johnstone. April was kind enough to actually walk through the residence while videoing and explaining everything she was showing me. Yes, it still wasn't the same as actually seeing the place but it did help. April was extremely patient and did everything she possibly could to help alleviate the uncertainty of what we were getting in to. We took a blind leap of faith and decided to go with the Redwoods. We could not have asked for a better place. They allowed a family member to quarantine with mom for the 2 week requirement which helped so much since visitors and essential caregivers were not a thing at that time.

Now it is almost 7 months later and I can't say enough about how the staff at the Redwoods are always, and I mean ALWAYS, so kind and caring it amazes me that they can constantly be in such a great mood. I have never seen or witnessed any staff member being slightly grumpy. They front desk staff are so sweet and welcoming, always with a smile on their face. The activities staff are just so full of life and always coming up with great activities for everyone to be able to join. Whether it be crafts, various exercise classes for every level of activity, movies (which I wish I could go see), special theme days, outside entertainers come in, current affair talks, zoom presentations, etc. The list goes on. Maintenance and housekeeping..... they have been a godsend. Helping set up mom's apartment when we weren't able to bring in outside help for wall units, etc. Nothing is ever too much to ask of any staff member that works at the Redwoods. The women in housekeeping are so sweet and always ready for a little chitchat. They are always asking if there is anything else they can do to help out.

Full kitchen.... mom has a full kitchen which is unheard of at most other residences. Sorry, I can't comment on the food in the dining room because mom makes her own meals but I can say that the dining room is packed with people (socially distanced) so that to me shows that the food is good. When the dining room was closed due to covid all the meals were delivered to the apartments and again, the staff delivering were always smiling and helping the residents set things up. Oh, and the afternoon treats that were hand delivered everyday when covid was at its peak.... they were delicious according to mom and always delivered with a smile.

OK, now the man in charge. LOL.... Love him. He is not just a person that sits with a suit and tie on in his office and is just a figure head. Nope... he joins in the activities, he is out digging in the garden and making planter boxes. He sometimes participates in the exercise classes and various other activities but the one that sticks out to me was at Christmas time and they had nerf guns for the residents to try to hit the staff that were pretending to be deer.... OMG.... when the director was "hit" he would throw himself on the floor and pretend to be shot. hahaha!!! He obviously takes a huge amount of pride in the Redwoods and does everything in his power to make it a fun and loving place to live.

Jen Conlon, family member

The entire staff (front desk, nursing, serving, cleaning, activities) at Redwoods is top notch. My grandmother was there when she was alive and my now 94 year old grandfather is still there. Their attention to detail is amazing and he is not only looked after (safe, secure) but he thoroughly enjoys everyday there. I would HIGHLY recommend! They have become his second family.

Gladys Galay, resident

I just spent a week of convalescent care after surgery at the Redwoods. It was great. The apartment was delightful, large and roomy. The staff were kind and generous and accommodating. The rates were lower than anywhere else . I will stay there again when I have subsequent surgery. I would recommend it to anyone.

Mary Ann S., family member

My Mom moved in a year and a half ago and loves it at Redwoods. Her apartment is beautiful and on the 10th floor she has a gorgeous view! There are activities every day and the staff are all so friendly and helpful!! I would recommend the Redwoods to anyone looking for a wonderful community! They are also pet friendly!

Wayne Haggart, family member

My parents moved into Redwoods ... and the total experience has been outstanding. It is their new home in every sense of the word, and their quality of life and well-being has improved markedly from their previous independent apartment, rental style, in Sarnia. The staff of the Redwoods are amazing in their diligence and endless energy to care for the residents.

Claudette Cameron, resident

I have been a resident of The Redwoods for nearly 2 years. I find the staff very helpful and accommodating... enjoy all the activities I can. I have made some good friends who have been there for years.

Debbie G., family member

My mother has been living at Redwoods for 1 1\2 years now and she really likes it. The staff are very friendly and always happy to help with any of her needs, or just have a chat and see how she’s doing. She has become friends with residents, likes to go on some of the outings and enjoys the evening’s entertainment on occasion.

Nancy Lester, family member

We have been really pleased with the staff and services at The Redwoods. My mother thoroughly enjoys the activities and appreciates the help that she gets from everyone when it is needed.

Kathy Conlon, family member

My parents, my in-laws and our friends' parents have all been residents of The Redwoods for over 15 years. The apartments are roomy and very comfortable; the staff are exceptional; the meals are great (don't think my father has ever left anything on his plate) and the activities are numerous and varied.

Sandy MacPherson, family member

My parents moved into Redwoods 31/2 years ago and loved it right away. Like most people they were reluctant to leave their private residence but after only a few weeks at Redwoods they said they wished they had moved there sooner. The staff has always been friendly and helpful to both my parents and the rest of their extended family. Being able to tailor the level of assistance and services to meet their changing needs over time at Redwoods has afforded my parents the ability to stay living together longer.

Dan Chapman, family member

My mother moved to the Redwoods Dec 2018 and from day one, never looked back! Leaving your home of 55 yrs, and being 100% happy in your new environment is quite [an] amazing thing. We have found the residence exceeds our expectations on all levels, the quality of care and food is more than satisfactory. This combined with a staff who "truly" care about the residents and their wellbeing make [the Redwoods] my mom’s, and our family’s first choice hands down … My mom is now never lonely, participates in so many outings and events, her life has been enriched by moving to the Redwoods!

Leah Simzer, family member

My parents moved in about 5 months ago and quickly adjusted to the life of retirement/nursing care living. The staff are very pleasant and always helpful. The meals are healthy and freshly prepared and the dining room service is excellent. I'm so happy my parents are living in a safe environment where I feel confident that their daily needs are being met.

Harold Waterman, resident

My wife and I have been happy living at the Redwoods for over four years. The staff take excellent care of the residents. Each staff member always seems pleased when asked to do a service. The dining facilities are very good. The meals are usually excellent. There are choices at every meal and the menus are varied.
… The distant view from our apartment is excellent. We like to watch the sailboats in the Ottawa River in summer. Looking in the other direction we can see the buildings downtown. Our apartment is about 950 square feet - larger than apartments in other retirement homes we have seen.

Carol W. Stewart, family member

Since [mom] moved in last March, I have been so happy to feel the caring and consideration offered to all the residents, so they have opportunities to engage in so many social events. [This] builds a wonderful community feel among the residents … Staff at The Redwoods seem constantly up for the task of improvement, getting residents’ input. I'm so impressed and grateful.

Joan Shouldice, resident

We just got back from a three week stay in The Redwoods. My husband went there while I had surgery and then I joined him for a recovery period. We were very impressed with the whole place. The white linen table cloths, the lovely and varied meals, the excellent service from staff and the attention to every detail we could imagine were really outstanding.

We decided we didn't need nursing care, but on one occasion my husband fell and that night a nurse turned up to make sure he was okay.

There was daily maid service and a thorough cleaning once a week with clean sheets and all household laundry done for us, and an excellent laundry where we could wash our own clothes.

I appreciated that there was a Catholic service in the chapel every Wednesday, (United church on Thursday) and I loved the library which had a very good selection--something for everyone.

We didn't take part in too many of the special programs, but there were lots of things offered as well as an opportunity to take part in volunteering with the library or in other ways. I even picked up some knitting to do for my granddaughter.

In effect, residents have their own apartments within the building, but with all the special care the residence provides. I think now, that instead of getting an apartment somewhere and then moving into a seniors' residence, we will just move into the Redwoods permanently!

Mrs. Birbeck, resident

For the last several years, I have been enjoying the special events at the Redwoods. They are always different fun and so well-planned. I love these fun times an your staff makes everyone feel so welcome - Like agoing home when you are a child! My friends and I have toured the Redwoods. I was most impressed with the suites. They are spacious, bright and airy, pale, soothing colors on the walls. Never would you have a boxed in feeling if you were moving from a bigger living space. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our seniors. I am always impressed with the many activities on your monthly calendar. Ottawa is so fortunate to have such a well-maintained friendly place. Whenever we visit the redwoods, Chefs have always prepared the most delicious food. Some of the residents have commented to us it is the same in the dining room. What is not to like at the Redwoods?

Leah, family member

Such a nice place to live ... The staff are very pleasant and always helpful. The meals are healthy and freshly prepared and the dining room service is excellent. I'm so happy my parents are living in a safe environment where I feel confident that their daily needs are being met.

Dan C., resident

From day one ... we have found the residence exceeds our expectations on all levels, the quality of care and food is more than satisfactory. This combined with a staff who truly care about the residents and their well-being make the Redwoods [a great choice]. My mom's life has been enriched by moving here!

Margaret, resident

There's a lot of activities, something going on most of the time. You're always welcome at anything. The thing I like best about the Redwoods is the staff, the people. They create such a nice, welcoming, friendly atmosphere. I also like that I have my own full kitchen. That really makes it a home for me.

Ed, resident

I have only been here a few days but it has been very positive. Everyone is very friendly. All my requests to staff were handled promptly and efficiently.

name withheld for privacy's sake, family member

Mum enjoys the meals, which are a good variety and sensible portions. The housekeeping staff are wonderful and come in daily to see if she needs anything. She also gets help with her shower. [She had a complaint and] staff offered her help which proved satisfactory ... My sisters and I are relieved that she is in a retirement home that she likes and in which she feels well taken care of.

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