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Reviews of Sunridge Gardens

Gain exclusive insight into life at Sunridge Gardens. Comfort Life’s reviews give you exclusive insider information.

Our perspective

One of the common remarks from people who move in here is, “There’s so much to do.” And there really is. The games room features a shuffleboard, pool table and blackjack table. There’s also a movie theatre with a lending library. In The Village, another open-concept interior space, there’s a puzzle table, fitness classes daily, and a separate dining room. Floors are heated geo-thermally so you’ll never get cold toes. Suites are spacious, with stylish kitchenettes and an excess of storage closets. You’ll feel like you’ve moved into that luxury suite you loved so much, last time you went on a cruise.

At Sunridge Gardens, you’ll appreciate not just that everything is done for you, but everything that is done. The hedges are trimmed, the yard is positively groomed, and there’s a spectacular water garden. Inside the lobby, the main floor lounge is immaculately clean, with prim carpeting and polished hardwood flooring. The overall impression we have is that things are all done better than we could ever do it for ourselves. Staff is readily available at every turn. Interiors and exteriors are immaculate. The furniture and decor is strikingly beautiful.

All those are nice, but what really stands out is the creation of community in shared spaces. The piano lounge, for example, is open for ivory-tinklers in the crowd, as well as games players. On weekend evenings, there’s musical entertainment available making this place a palace of hygge moments. You know that good moments are part of everyday life here, because you see those happening as you walk through. Friends gather in small groups, people chat together happily on their way to the dining lounge, residents and staff smile together as they chat. Of all the attractive open spaces throughout, one standout is the dining room, broadly open, brightly lit, and featuring a cathedral-like vaunted ceiling.

More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Monika Vriend, family member

My mom and mother in law have been at Sunridge for a year and half. They both love it there. The staff are fabulous. The events they plan for the residents plentiful and a fun variety. And oh yes, the food delish!

Irene Bennett, family member

My father in law has lived at Sunridge Gardens for 8+ years and has flourished since moving into this great community

Jim Johnston, family member

My mother-in-law had 8 glorious, fun filled years at Sunridge. If you are looking for a supportive, friendly and secure place, this is it. I highly recommend Sunridge, the staff is caring and feels like family. Please check it out!

Gloria, family member

Mom has been living here for a while. It was a difficult move after dad passed, but the staff are so supportive (for both mom and for us). They have helped mom make acquaintances and know that this is home! I'm very grateful for their support (and Scott in maintenance is a patient and precious gem!)

Debbie Henriksen, family member

My mom, Laila Henriksen, says this is a great place to be. Nice and clean and friendly staff and fellow residents. Always something to do, outings, games, movies, socials, events...the food is really good too!

Brent D., family member

My mother has resided at Sunridge Gardens for the last four years, the staff are amazing. Thank you for always being so helpful.

Cheryl , family member

My parents moved into Sunridge Gardens five years ago. It was the best decision they could have made. The staff treat them like family. There is a great variety of activities available and new ones are added with each season. The facility is beautifully maintained by a knowledgable and experienced team. I would recommend getting your name on the list early.

Barbara, resident

I’ve lived at Sunridge for a year and half .. I came here after my husband passed away but I felt too alone in my little townhouse. Staff are wonderful. They do everything they can for you. The meals are wonderful, with lots of choice. They aim to please, for sure! The servers are [also] wonderful. They always know your name, which is nice! They keep my suite spick and span. I love the exercises here, especially the fitness dancing.

Here, every day can be a good day! You never know who you’re going to meet when you are out in the community. I just love it!

Wendy, family member

I know it's fantastic when my mother said she should have moved to Sunridge two years earlier. All the people who work there are fantastic. They are so helpful and very caring.

Brent D., family member

My mother has resided at Sunridge Gardens for the last four years, the staff are amazing. Thank you for always being so helpful.

Jeannette, family member

I have seen a lot of different places and by far this is the best ... The staff is so nice and friendly. Well maintained landscape. Beautiful fountain in the courtyard. Highly recommend this place.

Harvey and Ruth , resident

We love the room we have here, with enough for my piano. The main thing is the staff ... the service is wonderful, you don't have to do cooking, you don't have to do your own [laundry]. It's spacious! We have a wonderful courtyard, so we can enjoy the flowers and the shrubs. We can visit with our friends ... there's so much else, we have a wonderful library, we have a theatre ... a great exercise room. It's a wonderful family feeling, we're so happy with it.

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