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Reviews of Wildpine Retirement Residence

Gain exclusive insight into life at Wildpine Retirement Residence. Comfort Life’s exclusive reviews and videos give you insider information from residents and their families.

Our perspective

The friendly, welcoming atmosphere of Wildpine Retirement Residence reflects traditional values. This very modern community gives its senior residents healthy, happy personal interaction, with amenities and activities designed for people with a variety of abilities. The fitness room is a highlight of the amenities. People who move in here may be surprised how much they love the community of peers with the same life experiences and interests.

Wildpine offers all that's best in contemporary senior care. For starters, that means care centered on meeting your distinct needs and wants. Customizable care packages give you the exact assistance you need. If you move into this seniors’ community for the appeal of independence from housework and cooking, etc., in the future, you won’t need to worry about going anywhere else if your care needs change.

We also like the brand new suites in a variety of styles, offered at a price more reasonable than some other communities. There's also fine dining, spacious lounge areas, and a bright, open lobby and main floor shared spaces. Set in a wonderfully wooded area outside of the hustle and bustle of Ottawa proper, it features all of the best qualities of Ottawa Region senior living (close to the 417) while surrounding Stittsville retains a small-town feel.

Video interviews

We interviewed families and/or residents via video conference, asking them probing questions about life at Wildpine Retirement Residence. Get the behind-the-scenes information from those with direct experience.

Suzanne Beauchamp, resident

Suzanne shares how she enjoys life at Wildpine, highlighted by caring staff, shared activities with fellow residents, and a suite that's just right for her.


More of what people say about this community

We've collected reviews and testimonials from around the web that are relevant to you: those from residents and their loved ones.

Monique Cochrane, family member

So impressed with the friendly and helpful staff at Wildpine. Coming from the Maritimes, Mom has settled in nicely. She’s enjoying all the activities, delicious food and new friends. Thank you to all the staff who work so hard to provide such a great place for Mom to call home.

Dan Guitard, senior

The staff at Wildpines are very good at knowing the needs of each of their tenants! They really personalize the approach with the family and the tenants. So many people to thank Gordon, Nicole, Jennifer Shari, all the front desk staff, all the PSW staff, and if I am missing someone thank you. It helps during a stressful time.

Ross Mather, senior

The entire residential staff cares immensely for the resident's happiness and health. I would recommend this residence to anyone looking for an opinion, as they go above and beyond! Keep up the great work!

Dedo Kola, family member

My mother has been an independent living resident for the past couple of years; however, due to her changing healthcare needs, we needed to move her to the dependent living floor. While I envisioned that this would have been a negative experience from my mother's perspective, it has been nothing but positive. During my visit with my mom today she expressed how much she loves the service at her new location. It’s the right amount of care for her needs. I was thrilled to hear that I and I wanted to share that with you all.

Wendy Mather, family member

My parents transitioned from their home to a double suite at Wildpine in August of 2021. The assisted living floor was their 1st stop and then after my dad passed my mom moved to an independent living floor and was quite content. Wildpine is the best residential facility in Stittsville. The administration, medical, culinary, recreation and awesome custodial staff are compassionate helpful supportive, and wonderfully inclusive. Your elders’ needs are met with service excellence at Wildpine. The entire staff provides wrap-around care for your loved ones - which is also care for me too.

Tammy McKenna, senior

After breaking my pelvis I spent a month at Wildpine in order to recover. The staff was engaging and happy and very helpful when needed. The room was accessible and the perfect size to safely and easily move around. I felt at home :). It was lovely being so close to my clinics for treatment, shops and beautiful walking paths to keep my spirits up. My month at Wildpine was truly a saving grace for me and even though I was ready to go home I was sad to leave. I would highly recommend the residence to all.

Ken Burgess, family member

This building is only about 4 years old and is bright and clean. There is a huge outdoor patio and the grounds are nicely kept. We toured with Shari and just when we thought we were done she told us there was more to see. They have so many activities - there is absolutely something for everyone. The rooms are a great size. Mom loved her room and her view. The staff are wonderful and so patient. The one consistent thing my mother always said was how good the food is - she wouldn't change a thing. There are two beautiful dogs who are there most days and they love to be petted. If you are even thinking about moving to an independent or assisted living building you owe it to yourself to check out Wildpine.

Susan Gutteridge, family member

My mother was introduced to Wildpine as a convalescing resident after heart surgery. After a 30 day recovery at Wildpine, she did not want to leave. The staff and management at Wildpine are warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable in their industry. The residence itself is clean and well appointed and close to many local amenities. There is genuine affection and respect towards residents and amongst the staff. I highly recommend this residence for seniors looking for a safe, compassionate and fun environment.

Ed Smith, resident

I have been here since January 2021. I want to thank the staff and the general manager for all the excellent services that each of them provides to us. My apartment is cleaned weekly, I have made friends, I keep busy all day, I go out for nice walk and mini putting... My meals are very good! At home I only ate warm [canned] soup and here everything is made fresh daily. The nursing staff is very attentive to my needs and since I moved here I have stop falling and feel much better. I am close to my family and I am very happy.

Allison Gravelle, family member

My Mom Margaret [has lived] there for a little over a year now. She [was] up and down with her health at the beginning and the nurses never gave up and are very attentive and dedicated. The Leading team and Managers are on site every time I visit, they know me by name and they treat me like part of the family. Even with this Pandemic you truly feel that the staff is paying attention to all little details. The home is always decorated and full of life. I could not have my mom in a better place.

J. M., family member

I had to move my Mom from London Ontario to Stittsville... They have a program that is run for those who just arrived... She [raves] daily about the food and now she [tells] me how fun and nice the staff is. She has made friends and her only [regret] is that she waited so long to make the move! My wife and I are so [relieved] to know we made the right choice!

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