SAY NO TO SENIOR ABUSE -Reflections on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day


Chateau Glengarry Retirement Living Centre will not tolerate any form of physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, or psychological abuse or harassment of its senior residents and other related individuals

As we grow older, we hear the clock ticking. Our parents have gray hair, like silver, shining, a reminder of time passing, as we think back to when they raised us. Our parents, who spent many years listening to us, who patiently answered our thousands of “why” questions, and who tried to provide us with the best education, who acted as our role models through their effects and efforts… and who not only showed their love financially but also showed their love for us spiritually and with their time; truly dedicated to their children. That is why we, as their children respect our parents, and care for their wellbeing as they age.

To extend our love for our parents to every other senior is a time-honoured tradition. We’ve all heard that we should “honour the elderly as we do our own aged parents, and care for other's children as if they were our own,” and that if we do, our community will be a better place for it. Even in Ontario, “It is our goal to help all seniors age well and with independence, so that they’re able to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in their later years, and to be supported through the challenges.” Hence, we adopted our “Zero Tolerance for Abuse or Neglect” policy. Chateau Glengarry Retirement Living Centre will not tolerate any form of physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, or psychological abuse or harassment of its senior residents and other related individuals. Chateau Glengarry has established and maintains a program for preventing abuse and neglect of residents. The program includes training and retraining requirements for all staff. Annually, our staff receives training on topics including, but not limited to:

1) The Resident’s Bill of Rights;

2) The policy to promote zero tolerance of abuse or neglect of residents;

3) The relationship between power imbalances between staff and residents and the potential for abuse and neglect by those in a position of trust, power or responsibility for resident care;

4) Situations that may lead to abuse or neglect and how to avoid such situations; and

5) The procedure for a person to lodge a complaint and to deal with complaints.

Listening is of vital importance during the care process, and the key to the mental wellbeing of our residents. One story shared by a 103-year-old resident, told stories of 1930’s Germany, where she witnessed the difficulties of World War II and escaped from Europe to Canada. In Toronto, she embraced multiculturalism and welcomed a new way of life. Today, she is grateful to be able to enjoy life’s little pleasures.

At 90 years’ old, how we wish to have a delightful soul and heart such as hers! It is our duty to care for seniors. When we do, we are given the opportunity to know more about our history, learn secret family recipes, and have wisdom revealed. Seniors truly deserve dignity and our respect.

Chateau Glengarry offers relaxed, safe, and comfortable retirement living and respite care in a beautiful setting in Eastern Ontario. For more information or to book a tour, call Diane at 613-524-4440 or email: [email protected]; [email protected].



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Chateau Glengarry Retirement a retirement community located in Alexandria, Ontario.
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