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John and Denise Rogers love their home at Palisade Gardens. "We were overjoyed when we discovered we could bring our little dog to Palisade Gardens with us. It’s a great place where you can march to your own drum. There’s lots of things to do if you want to." Allowing pets is just one great aspect of these communities.

In a Retirement Life Communities’ home, you can expect a wide spectrum of services and amenities. RLC residences are richly designed and include beautiful dining rooms, lounges, libraries, fitness centers, entertainment spaces, a spa and other recreational rooms. Some other services you may find are:

  • Health and wellness services
  • Nursing care
  • Meal plans
  • Housekeeping

RLC’s complete list of services should give you peace of mind of knowing that you will always have something to do. Alos, you will not be lonely at an RLC home.

Dennis and Maureen of Royal Palisade appreciate their cordial peers, as well as their community's staff. "The front line staff are excellent and always eager to oblige. The residents are very friendly. We have never known time to fly by as quickly as it has since [we moved here]."

Reducing the Stress in Your Life

Living at an RLC residence removes many of the burdens you would have in your own home. At a Retirement Life Community, your building’s staff will take care of you and ensure that you have time to relax and to pursue your passions. RLC will help you make your new place of living as much like home as it possibly could be. They will ease most of the stress of moving, as well.

Joan Manley of Goderich Place says, "No lawn cutting, no snow blowing, and no stairs. I also really liked that, prior to construction, we were able to make changes to the floor plan of our new home so that it suits us."

Mary Brandon also loves her RLC residence. "I am just so happy I finally made the move," she explains. "I wish I had done it much sooner. I am in a far better place in my life having made the move to Palisade Gardens. I really like it here."

You can purchase or lease your Retirement Living Community home. For more information about the advantages and disadvantages of these two choices, you should consult our brief overview of retirement ownership options.

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