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Users share their success stories

“I passed out, ended up in the hospital, and was diagnosed with sepsis,” says Kathy Withers. “It almost killed me.” Kathy shares the worst-case scenario of urinary tract infections (UTI). The “silent UTI'' Kathy suffered had “no symptoms until the infection had spread to [her] kidneys.” She shares her story not to frighten people, but to tell of the remarkable relief she⁠—along with tens of thousands of other Canadians⁠—has gained from Utiva’s natural cranberry supplements. 

After seeing a Utiva brochure in her doctor’s office, she started taking the supplements “to assess their prevention.” She hasn’t required any antibiotics since, and that was more than a year ago. “For the first time in years, I feel that my UTIs are finally over,” she says. She now has a “healthy bladder and peace of mind.”

Kathy’s happy ending is one of many you’ll find among Utiva’s clientele. In fact, customer satisfaction numbers are remarkably high. From over 2900 reviews, Utiva has an aggregate rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars:

  • 92.4% users give it 5 stars
  • 6.5% users give it 4 stars

In addition, 96 percent of Utiva users experience fewer UTIs and 85 percent have reduced their reliance on antibiotics. Like Kathy, many customers are effusive about Utiva’s UTI prevention effectiveness.

UTIs in Canada

Sixty percent of women will get a UTI in their lifetime, according to urologyhealth.org, while the problem also affects twelve percent of men. About twelve percent of Canadian women seek professional healthcare every year for UTIs, about 1.6 million women annually. An estimated 320,000 Canadian men also seek medical help. Infection is often painful or annoying, but it can also be very serious, if, as in Kathy’s case, it spreads to the kidneys. 

Toronto Urogynecologist Colleen McDermott recommends cranberry supplements containing 36 milligrams of proanthocyanidins (PACs) as an effective preventive agent. “Evidence supports PACs as being the active molecule of the cranberry which prevents bacterial adherence to the bladder wall, thus helping to reduce recurrent UTIs.” 

American Urologist Yanina Barbalot is concerned about the overuse of antibiotics in the conventional treatment of recurring UTIs. She recommends natural products to reduce UTI frequency, telling us, “Utiva is a great, clean cranberry product which has been very effective in preventing UTIs in my patients.” 

Recently, a controlled study of daily dosages of high concentration cranberry extract 36 mg PAC capsules was conducted with residents at East Cumberland Lodge long term care facility in Pugwash, NS. The study found a sixty-seven percent reduction in the number of patients who experienced a UTI while taking Utiva. In addition, sixty-seven percent of UTI sufferers had no infection during the three-month study period. 

The results demonstrate the effectiveness of Utiva’s Cranberry PAC capsules. Off-the-shelf cranberry juice dilutes PACs in favour of water and sugar. (In fact, sugar increases the risk of a UTI.) The required dosage found in PACs from Utiva solves the issue for many UTI sufferers.  Each Utiva pill’s PAC content is equivalent to taking nine regular cranberry pills to get the dose required. This once-a-day pill flushes bacteria, preventing it from irritating your bladder.  

Utiva is trusted by over 7,000 doctors across North America. In fact, it’s one of the few supplements backed by science and physician guidelines as a non-antibiotic prevention option.

Hear more from more Utiva users

Jeff’s story: “There’s always somebody there to talk to.” 

Jeff Edelist is in a wheelchair and requires catheterization about five or six times a day. 

“I was having about two or three UTIs a year from self-catheterizing. I was at my holistic doctor one day. … I actually had, at the time, a terrible UTI. And she said I want you to try this product and see how it works for you. So, that's about two years ago now. I started on Utiva, and I have not had a UTI since being on Utiva. I take one capsule every morning. Absolutely great product. The cranberry in it is amazing. The company itself is great. There’s always somebody there to talk to. The owners are wonderful because I've had to ask them questions. I would tell a friend of mine that suffers from UTIs, that there's no question in my mind. Just go get the product. … If you're suffering, [go] get it, that's for sure. I would recommend this to absolutely anybody.”

Tamana’s story: “a safe and natural solution that keeps my UTIs at bay”

“Being a 58-year-old grandma, UTIs are very common for people of my age. And with a busy work schedule, I often forget to keep myself hydrated and drink less water than usual, which often triggers UTI symptoms. For me it's a red flag because I've had a family history, with my mother suffering with severe complications. Seeing first-hand the impact of UTIs on my mother's lifestyle and how it has [affected] her overall health was really hard because I knew if she had been treated on time, things would have been different. Women in India are usually shy in the Indian culture to talk about UTIs because it’s something very personal. ... There’s a fear of being judged so they suppress their pain and agony and what they’re going through. I was motivated to look for natural solutions, and on the recommendation of a close family member, I came across Utiva. I've been taking Utiva for the last four years as a supplement for prevention. Since I've been taking Utiva, I trust Utiva as a perfectly safe and natural solution to keep UTIs at bay.” 

If you are considering Utiva, try it for yourself with 25% off your first order by calling 1-888-622-3613 or by visiting utivahealth.ca

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