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Elderly Care

Worried about caring for an elderly loved one?

This is fine as an initial response but if the elderly person is in a deteriorating condition (and aging is - sadly for all of us - a form of deterioration) this is not sustainable and results in an increasing burden that can lead to personal conflict and undue stress for everyone involved.

Learn everything you need to know
about elderly care
with our senior care advisor.

There are a wide variety of ailments that can result in the need for elderly care, including but not limited to Alzheimer's Disease, cancer, stroke, heart disease, Parkinson's Disease, diabetes and the list goes one. Any of these can result in the need for extended attention and care, and too often these can signal the beginning of the end of someone's life, sadly. These can result in the need for regular medical attention that may be feasible while staying home.

In Canada, there are many useful resources to help you deal with some chronic diseases. In many cases these organizations may have helpful advice in finding the proper elderly care required for the ailment you are living with. Learn more:


Elderly care services and home health care

There are many options in finding elderly care services in your community that will provide helpe and in many cases even come into the home to offer assistance. Organizations such as Meals on Wheels offer help with critical tasks. The CCAC can offer advice and personal counseling on how to obtain optimal personal care within the home.

Aging at home with community support is appealing but it does not come free and there are other options that may seem less appealing at first but need a closer look. Take a closer look and you may find that retirement homes are less costly than originally thought, have hidden benefits you may not have considered and may improve all aspects of your life.

Let's take a closer look.

Elderly Care homes

Today's elderly care homes are by-and-large excellent care facilities where seniors live an idyllic life, with excellent care available in an environment that blends social needs with the desire for privacy. In some cases there are still homes that (rightly) receive bad press but there are initiatives in every province in Canada to improve regulation, protect seniors and provide the very best care for our elderly.

Comfort Life is proud to present the very finest in elder care facilities where there are a bounty of excellent facilities and features to make aging a rich experience. Patrons of homes listed here often exclaim that they never knew they could have it so good and they "didn't know there were places like this around."

In the realm of elder care homes there are three broad types of care focused on although each home will have its own specializations and unique ways of dealing with the varied needs of elderly residents. Broad care types covered in the continuum of elder care include the following:

Assisted Living Care may entail the augmentation of care with assistant devices (e.g. stair lifts) as well specialized care provided by trained professionals with a particularized understanding of ailments suffered by elderly residents. Find out more.

Alzheimer's Disease Care entails experience with and a professional understanding of this debilitating disease. These care homes are designed to protect Alzheimer's sufferers as well as care for their needs as the disease progresses. Find out more

Long-term Care Elderly Homes provide a robust collection of care services including highly qualified staff and the latest medical technology and assistive devices to provide for the care needs of those who are in the latter stages of aging or suffering from deteriorative conditions such as Parkinson's Disease or post stroke symptoms. Find out more


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